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Fun Facts About Bingo You Never Knew


Why is it that people generally shout bingo out loud when they have won? The point is it was started accidentally when a player shouted out loud the words, “bingo” when playing a game of beano which is what bingo was called back then.It is a proven statistical fact that over an estimate of 96 percent of all bingo players have won a minimum of at least one game. This sign makes the odds of hitting the jackpot quite low and chances of winning overall high.

Typically how long does an average bingo game last for? The answer is; usually, a regular bingo game can continue anywhere from a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 6 minutes. This means that you have significant chances of hitting the jackpot roughly around every five minutes.




Is it true that over indulging in the game of bingo can make a person go insane? According to legends, there was once a mathematics professor called Carl Leffler from the Columbian University who indeed did go insane when trying to formulate over 6000 bingo cards consisting of numbers which do not repeat.

Bingo was first introduced in the year, 1930. Back then, it was recorded that a minimum of at least of 10,000 games of bingo was played in every household throughout the various nations such as U.S, UK and along with the rest of the world.A common misconception of the public thinks that the game of bingo is a women’s only game. This claim is not valid as both males and females play the game equally regardless that over 80 percent of players are women and rest 20 percent are men.


In the early 20th century, bingo had become extremely popular. It was commonly called, “housie” back then in those days and was played in the first outdoor marquees before they formulated the bingo hall of today.The Germans were smart enough back then to realize how indulging in the game of bingo could help build the minds of the younger generation. As early as in the 1800s, Germans devised a game similar to that of bingo as a fun and educational manner to help children in learning the multiplication tables.

Why do people play bingo? A recent survey about the game stated that most people like to play the game because it is fun to play and provides a platform to build a social life.How many possible calculations are possible on one standard bingo card? 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible arrangements to be exact.

Ways To Make A Game Of Bingo More Fun


Bingo is a great game to play that players all over the world play together in order to spend some time and share good stories. But it can often become a trudge to play sometimes especially if a round lasts for a long time.

In order to add more energy and excitement to the game, let us look at some ways through which Bingo can be turned into a better experience for all that are playing.

1.Food and drinks

While having friends or family over during the festive seasons, you can have food or drinks that are appropriate to the theme and style of the festival so that everything is upbeat and homely. You can even have gifts and prizes that are themed accordingly.

2.Bingo cards


The mood of the game can be easily altered or changed according to the season by simply changing the word BINGO to something closer or connected to the season itself. For example, during autumn, you can change the word BINGO to ACORN by simply pasting construction paper over it. While playing a round, you also need to make sure that the caller also adheres to the change. The bingo markers can also be changed accordingly. Each season will have their own five letter element that will help you replace BINGO.

3.Picture Bingo

Instead of sticking to the dreary and uninspired numbers, you can play a round of picture bingo where pictures must be checked out or matched according to the description that the caller recites. Not only is this a better as well as a different way to play bingo, but it will also help you improve your cognitive skills.

4.Human bingo


This variation of bingo will help people bring closer together. All you have to prepare for in this version is to replace each square with a characteristic, and you are good to go. When a particular square is read out by the caller, the player must find out the individual with said characteristic and write their name on the box. This game is best played with no one in the room knows each other, and hence, people will be able to mingle with each other and make everything less awkward.

5.Theme parties

Organizing a theme party complete with drinks and snacks can be a great way to spice things up. Make sure that the themes are appropriate with the age and people so that everything is alright.

History Of Bingo


Bingo became famous in the United States during the early onset of the 20th century. The roots of the game, however, root back to the year of 1530. That was the year when a state-run lottery known as Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia began in Italy. It was in the 1700s where the French picked up the lotto. One version of it consisted of using a playing card with nine columns, three rows and four free spaces per row.

The callers of the game back then would call out numbers by reaching into a bag and randomly picking out wooden chips market with digits from 1 to 90 where1 to 10 was the first column, 11 to 20 the second and so forth. The winner was the first player to cover one whole row. It was only a matter of time before such lottery type bingo games became a craze all over Europe.


The game bingo as we know today was first popularized Edwin S. Lowe who was a struggling and enterprising salesman hailing from New York. Lowe had observed a game called Beano that caught his attention during a country carnival in Atlanta, Georgia. The game was called beano for a reason, as players would mark their numbers on their cards using dried beans. Whenever a player completed a line of figures, he or she would end the game by shouting the word beano. Upon doing so, the player would win a small reward as well.

Lowe had identified that the game was hit and started captivating the players. Lowe was so surprised and spellbound by the ravishing game that he bought back the new game home and introduced it to his friends. It was during one game where a woman ecstatic by her win, decided to beautifully misspell her cry as bingo instead of the traditionally accepted cry.


And just like that, the word and the common phrase, bingo was born.  In the 1930s, Lowe’s bingo became a huge sweeping success and was sprouting all over the nation. It was promoted by all including churches and social clubs for their realization of its fundraising potentiality. Today over 48 states provide legal bingo on some scale. Bingo games present today, range anywhere from a small room or church basement to big enough to accommodate over 1800 seats in a large hall.

Why Is Bingo So Good To Play


Bingo is a game that is played all over the world, and because of this, it has become on the most popular games in the world without question. To answer the question as to why the game is so popular in a sentence would be very simple; it is fun to play.

It is quite rare to see people enjoying other games as much as they do when they play bingo, and the reason for this is due to the social nuances that underlie the game. Only when you sit and play a round of Bingo with people around you will you realize that you spend more time talking to them than actually play the game.

spend more

If you do not have friends that you can play Bingo way, it is quite alright since there’s a huge chance that you will make friends while you are at the venue. This is mainly due to the fact that unlike other forms of gambling, Bingo requires everyone to be on the same page. Although competitiveness in a game like this is quite high, it is all still taken in a light-hearted and friendly spirit.

Not only is playing bingo with a friend extremely fun, but it is also playing with the said group that makes everything fun since you have the chance to monitor how you are doing in real time. If you only have a single number to check off, for example, you have something to look forward to, and the whole ordeal becomes almost thrilling. You are so close to winning and yet the next number the caller yells may either make you a winner or a loser.


Only a handful of games let you experience this feeling, and this helps bingo stand out from the rest. Another reason why bingo is appealing is because of the money you can win by playing. This is the main reason why many people play this game. Everyone, irrespective of whether they are new to the game or a veteran, have equal odds of winning and it is also very easy to learn. A total newbie can enter any bingo hall and still have the same chance of winning as anyone else.

The rise of online bingo has put forward many questions. Many even believe that online bingo isn’t supposed to be fun due to its nature. But playing a game of bingo inside a hall with people can never be matched with online bingo.

Positive Effects Of Playing Bingo On The Brain


Bingo is a fun and interactive game that involves a group of people in which each person has a different set on numbers on their cards which once called out by the host has to be opened.  A person only wins the games once all their numbers have been called out upon which the person must say ” Bingo.”

The game is not specified to a number of players thus making it even more fun as many people can play it at the same time.  Bingo, when played with a large number of people, involves mainly in the listening and concentration factor of a person as it is easy not to hear  a number and skip it. Playing bingo improves various responses in a person.


Playing bingo is a fun activity that can be very well used to pass the time. It has many positive effects on the brain such as,

Improves mental status

Playing bingo helps in elevating a person’s emotional and mental status.  Playing bingo regularly involves a person having interaction and feeling the sensation of joy which helps in reducing the emotional pain of a person. Bingo is used as a therapeutic game at certain places as it involves a lot of the social forms of interactions which are good for health.


Improves memory

Playing bingo improves short-term memory. The player must keep in track and should be able to remember the numbers which have already been called out. It also improves the concentration level of a people as while playing bingo one must be alert at all time.

Helps in reducing stress

Bingo reduces the stress of a person as it comprises of healthy social interactions that intern reduces stress in a person. It distracts a person from their emotional pain by giving the player the hope of winning the game at any point thus making the concentrate solely on the game rather than anything else.

Increases confidence


Merely the common social interaction that a person takes part  while playing bingo gradually starts to boost a person’s confidence. The high point comes when a person wins the game thus internally increasing his confidence and by giving him sheer please of joy.

 Bingo is a game that aims at improving the mental status of people. It reduces the level of stress and the sensation of pain that one is feeling by distracting them and making them focus on the game. It promotes self-confidence and positive thinking within a person. Bingo is overall designed to promote happiness amongst its players. Bingo bridges the gap of age difference among people by making it suitable for all ages thus making people come closer as a community.

Positive Health Benefits Of Playing Bingo

Bingo is a game which involves players to match numbers which are allocated on their card as they are being called out by the host at random. Each card contains a set of numbers, upon completing all the number’s one must say “BINGO” out loud to win. It is a game that has no age limit and thus is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Bingo as a game contributes in promoting a healthy lifestyle among people. it also helps in developing a friendly and happier environment. It is a great way to socialize and pass the time. It is purely a game of chance and the most favorite games of seniors as it involves a lot of fun and too much of the physical movement of the body. Playing bingo has a lot of health benefits such as –

Helps socializing-

Bingo is a game that is played as a group which intern helps people socialize. It helps people by distracting their mind’s. It is a game that promotes happiness and joy among players. As a player gradually wins it even helps them by increasing their confidence thus helping them feel much more comfortable and a positive thinker.

 Improves coordination-

As a person grows old, their reflexes get slower and slower thus making even the daily simple activities seem harder. Bingo is a great way to maintain these daily physical activities as it involves a lot of hand-eye coordination. The regular use of these co-ordinated moves helps a person stay in a healthy physical condition.        

 Improves physical health-

While playing bingo people share their thoughts and have fun, which helps in the reduction of stress and intern boots up the immune system. Laughing helps reduce the pain receptors in the brain and the overall body thus making a person feel much better overall. mental health

Helps in recovery-

Bingo is an excellent game for recovery whether it be an emotional or physical recovery. It promotes happiness and synergy amongst people and distracts them from their worries and pain. When it come to physical recovery, it requires minimal movement thus making it a great way to start the recovery process.              Bingo is mostly played among the elderly as it requires minimal movement plus provides a significant social interaction which intern helps them feel better. It is an excellent game for bonding amongst people of various ages.  Bingo is played in both physical and virtual world. People can log in in their computers from the convenience of their home and enjoy playing the game.  The virtual mode of bingo is a great way of socializing and meeting new people from various parts of the world.  Bingo helps in developing social interactions of a person that helps them in the long run.