Why is it that people generally shout bingo out loud when they have won? The point is it was started accidentally when a player shouted out loud the words, “bingo” when playing a game of beano which is what bingo was called back then.It is a proven statistical fact that over an estimate of 96 percent of all bingo players have won a minimum of at least one game. This sign makes the odds of hitting the jackpot quite low and chances of winning overall high.

Typically how long does an average bingo game last for? The answer is; usually, a regular bingo game can continue anywhere from a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 6 minutes. This means that you have significant chances of hitting the jackpot roughly around every five minutes.




Is it true that over indulging in the game of bingo can make a person go insane? According to legends, there was once a mathematics professor called Carl Leffler from the Columbian University who indeed did go insane when trying to formulate over 6000 bingo cards consisting of numbers which do not repeat.

Bingo was first introduced in the year, 1930. Back then, it was recorded that a minimum of at least of 10,000 games of bingo was played in every household throughout the various nations such as U.S, UK and along with the rest of the world.A common misconception of the public thinks that the game of bingo is a women’s only game. This claim is not valid as both males and females play the game equally regardless that over 80 percent of players are women and rest 20 percent are men.



In the early 20th century, bingo had become extremely popular. It was commonly called, “housie” back then in those days and was played in the first outdoor marquees before they formulated the bingo hall of today.The Germans were smart enough back then to realize how indulging in the game of bingo could help build the minds of the younger generation. As early as in the 1800s, Germans devised a game similar to that of bingo as a fun and educational manner to help children in learning the multiplication tables.

Why do people play bingo? A recent survey about the game stated that most people like to play the game because it is fun to play and provides a platform to build a social life.How many possible calculations are possible on one standard bingo card? 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible arrangements to be exact.