Bingo is a great game to play that players all over the world play together in order to spend some time and share good stories. But it can often become a trudge to play sometimes especially if a round lasts for a long time.

In order to add more energy and excitement to the game, let us look at some ways through which Bingo can be turned into a better experience for all that are playing.

1.Food and drinks

While having friends or family over during the festive seasons, you can have food or drinks that are appropriate to the theme and style of the festival so that everything is upbeat and homely. You can even have gifts and prizes that are themed accordingly.

2.Bingo cards


The mood of the game can be easily altered or changed according to the season by simply changing the word BINGO to something closer or connected to the season itself. For example, during autumn, you can change the word BINGO to ACORN by simply pasting construction paper over it. While playing a round, you also need to make sure that the caller also adheres to the change. The bingo markers can also be changed accordingly. Each season will have their own five letter element that will help you replace BINGO.

3.Picture Bingo

Instead of sticking to the dreary and uninspired numbers, you can play a round of picture bingo where pictures must be checked out or matched according to the description that the caller recites. Not only is this a better as well as a different way to play bingo, but it will also help you improve your cognitive skills.

4.Human bingo


This variation of bingo will help people bring closer together. All you have to prepare for in this version is to replace each square with a characteristic, and you are good to go. When a particular square is read out by the caller, the player must find out the individual with said characteristic and write their name on the box. This game is best played with no one in the room knows each other, and hence, people will be able to mingle with each other and make everything less awkward.

5.Theme parties

Organizing a theme party complete with drinks and snacks can be a great way to spice things up. Make sure that the themes are appropriate with the age and people so that everything is alright.